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Always one to please his guests, Henry has prepared a fine menu not only with his signature dishes, but many favourites of his chefs and guests alike. Feast your eyes and tastebuds upon Henry's Beetroot Orechiette, served with blue cheese, kale pesto and honey hazelnuts or the Squid, Capers, Lemon and Parsley Linguine.


Being the ever-considerate fellow he is, Henry has also included many gluten and dairy-free options on his menu this month of May 2018. Try the Teriyaki Salmon with pineapple and iceberg lettuce, the Southern Fried Soft-Shelled Crab served with house tartare sauce or a multitude of other delectable options.

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No matter your tastes, Henry can guarantee that you will find a meal to your liking on his menu, matched with a high-quality Australian wine by Henry's most trusted staff